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Secrets of Influential Parenting

START HERE! The Secrets of Influential Parenting sheds a new perspective on our kids and our role as parents. Session one examines YTN's research with over 3,000 students offering insights into how we connect with and influence our kids in deeper and more lasting ways.

Implementing Influential Parenting

After watching the Secrets of Influential Parenting Series, start here. Watch this video to gain insights for implementing the Secrets of Influential Parenting in your home.

The Adoelscent Brain

Research indicates that independence helps adolescents learn, grow and develop highly adaptive and flexible brains.

The Dual Life

YTN's research found a vast majority of kids leading a dual life that their parents were unaware of at some level. It is crucial that parents understand the dual life youth are leading today.


Self Management is vital for the future of our kids.


As our kids get older it is both harder and more important that we apologize to them.